We’re on a mission to help all Americans build strong financial habits, generational wealth, and alternative credit.

Establishing Habits

Investii is designed to encourage consistent saving and investing. We go beyond budgeting by using AI to let you know when you have money to save, and allow you to make those transfers right from the app!

Establishing Habits

Creating Generational Wealth

The path to generational wealth can be a lifelong journey and focusing on what truly matters will keep you on track. Investii shows unique metrics, like your personal savings rate, which accurately measure financial health and progress. By maintaining a positive personal savings rate, you are guaranteed to build wealth.

As the first centralized, actionable personal finance app, Investii is committed to cutting through the noise and keeping your focus on what truly matters for long-term financial success.

Generational Wealth

Building Alternative Credit

Everyone knows strong savers should make trustworthy borrowers. So why doesn’t our credit system reward saving and investing like it does taking on debt? Investii offers a solution to the flawed and antiquated credit system by allowing users to prove their trust as a borrower through saving and investing as opposed to debt.

Alternative credit metrics are gaining widespread acceptance, and dozens of lenders have confirmed they value behavioral savings data when extending loans.

This isn’t a Band-Aid solution, it’s a sustainable paradigm shift which will shape our financial system for generations.

Alternative Credit

We believe your financial future is the best possible investment...so that’s where our name came from!

Investor + Investee = Investii

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